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From the horse's mouth...

Below are a selection of testimonials from Karen's clients:


"I have had treatment from Karen Brookes following left knee surgery two years ago and recently following further surgery on my right hip and then my right knee. I can sincerely recommend her and the Sports and Holistic Massage, and without this treatment I would not be so advanced in my recovery.  Six months on and I am now starting to play golf again."

"As you know, I now have no problems with walking and fully enjoy my new found freedom of painless movement. Most of all, I now sleep soundly right through the night with no discomfort".

"I met Karen several years ago when she came out to treat my horses. She was extremely patient and professional. On seeing relief she brought to the horses, and discovering in conversation that she was not only an equine masseuse, I didn't waste any time in booking a back massage for myself.  I have been seeing Karen regularly for treatments, be it back, neck, full body or Indian head massages ever since. She is always very jovial and pleasant, but above all professional. I feel I have not only met someone to relieve my aches and pains, but a good listener which makes her more than a masseuse; a friend." 



"Karen has been working with our horses for seven years and I wouldn't be without her. Four years ago she worked closely with my vet on my four year old horse after a rotational fall that badly damaged the deep tissues in his back and hindquarters. Between them they nursed him back to work over many months and he has gone on to fulfil all of the hopes and dreams we had for him. 
No one can afford to spend money on treatments these days unless they have a significant or specific benefit. The work that Karen does with my horses improves their suppleness, agility and has a direct impact on their performance. They feel fantastic afterwards and strangely enough, they have always won their classes if they've had a massage in the few days before a competition!! The important issue for me is that Karen has an ongoing relationship with each horse - she knows where to target treatment and can resolve spasms or tensions before they become problems; far from just a bit of massage!! Quite simply, I can't recommend her highly enough and I hope she'll be with me for many years to come!!"













"Karen as been working on my horse, Miss Attitude, for over four years.  When I bought her, she had no muscle and showed a problem with her pelvis. With Karen's Body Work treatment, help and advice Miss Attitude is working properly from behind and has developed good muscle tone. This year she came 9th at Trailblazers Senior Preliminary Dressage Championships with good positive comments from the judges. Karen has helped my horse be happy to work and realise that it isn't a painful experience. Thank you Karen for all your help."