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Sports Massage 

Sports massage is the application of massage and stretch techniques to muscle and connective tissue, traditionally used to enhance athletic performance. Many people use regular sports massage as part of their training regime; it assists in injury prevention and promotes faster recovery from training and injury, so helping the sportsperson to sustain high levels of performance and prolong their sporting career.

Despite the word "sports", anyone who exercises or takes part in a wide range of every-day activities, such as gardening, golf, or dancing, may benefit from a sports massage. It is particularly useful if those activities have not been done for a while and you find yourself aching in places and muscles you had forgotten that you had!
A sports massage treatment is usually applied to a particular muscle group, or specific part of the body, with the aim of increasing range of movement, improving flexibility and relieving muscle tension and soreness. It is also used for the speedier rehabilitation of a soft tissue injury, helping to reduce swelling, inhibit the formation of scar tissue, improve mobility and reduce related pain.

Karen has treated clients from a wide range of sports and activities, including running, football, golf, horse-riding, gardening and dancing. She has also been referred clients who have sustained falls, or recently undergone operations.